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Meditation classes

Buddhist meditation practices encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and seeing the true nature of things.

Ānāpānasati, meaning “mindfulness of breathing”, is a form of Buddhist meditation originally taught by Gautama Buddha in several suttas including the Ānāpānasati Sutta. Ānāpānasati is now common to Tibetan, Zen, Tiantai and Theravada Buddhism as well as Western-based mindfulness programs.

Ānāpāna is the first step in the practice of Vipassana meditation. Ānāpāna means observation of natural, normal respiration, as it comes in and as it goes out. It is an easy to learn, objective and scientific technique that helps develop concentration of the mind.

Observation of the breath is the ideal object for meditation because it is always available and it is completely non-sectarian. Ānāpāna is very different from techniques that are based on the artificial regulation of breath. There are no rites or rituals involved in the practice or presentation of Ānāpāna.

Ānāpāna provides a tool to deal with the fears, anxieties and pressures across all age groups. Besides helping to calm and concentrate the mind, Ānāpāna help people to understand themselves better and gives them an insight into the workings of their own minds. Because of its simplicity, the technique is easy to understand and practice.

Class Schedule

All are welcome to our regular meditation classes.

Wednesday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM *

* The schedule may be subject to change under certain circumstances. The schedule may be subject to change under certain circumstances. To confirm the program schedule, please contact us.

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