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Mangala Sutta

Background Story The word “Mangala” means “blessing”, “auspicious sign” or “good omen”. In ancient India, people wanted to know what constituted a real blessing that makes life happy for them. This issue was even raised among deities (devas) in the heavenly planes. For twelve years… Read More »Mangala Sutta

The Kalama Sutta

The Kalama Sutta Buddha’s Charter of Free Inquiry Do not believe what you hear just because you have heard it for a long time ago. Do not follow tradition blindly merely because it has been praised in a way for many generations. Do not be… Read More »The Kalama Sutta

The Introduction To Buddhism

Buddhism Buddhism, like most of the great religions of the world, is divided into a number of different traditions. However, most traditions share a common set of fundamental beliefs.  One central belief of Buddhism is often referred to as reincarnation — the concept that people… Read More »The Introduction To Buddhism