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Was the Buddha a god?

In a famous story from early Buddhist scripture, a man asked the Buddha if he was a god. No, he said. “Then what are you?” the questioner asked. “I am awake,” the Buddha said. Today, Buddhists often point to this story to explain that, no, they don’t worship… Read More »Was the Buddha a god?

Are there other Buddhas?

In Buddhist scriptures, legends, and art, we see many buddhas besides the one we probably think of as the Buddha. The term buddha means “awake” or “awakened,” so it can refer to any number of beings that are believed to be fully enlightened, not just the historical Buddha. It… Read More »Are there other Buddhas?

Who was the Buddha?

The historical Buddha was an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama who lived some 2,600 years ago in an area that today is part of northern India and Nepal. He was born into a warrior clan known as the Shakya, which is why he is often… Read More »Who was the Buddha?